Opening Scenes

House of All Seasons

Equal parts blues rock, singer songwriter ballads and colorful soundscapes

I love music and I can't get enough of it. I've loved it ever since my eighth grade music unit on The Beatles. After hearing those nearly perfect records everything changed. Popular music was no longer the simple background that it had been for me before then, in the words of Keith Richards the world went from "black and white to technicolor". I wanted more and more and soon The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Radiohead, and countless others added their own flavors to my palette. Soon the inevitable happened and I began to play and write. I've never looked back. Taking inspiration from my various musical and personal interests, HOUSE OF ALL SEASONS is equal parts: blues, rock, singer songwriter ballads and ethereal soundscapes. Opening Scenes is the beginning of the journey and I'm glad you are here taking an interest in my music! Stay tuned and get in touch!

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